5 Things To Do with Recycled Tires

January 29, 2016 | Recycling

Tires have been around for a long time and thanks to some incredible breakthroughs in science and technology, have become more resilient and tough than ever before. When these tires are no longer in good condition, they are retired and oftentimes left in big piles in landfills or elsewhere. Because we have been able to make them so tough, they don’t really ever go away which is not good for the environment. Another solution is to just burn them, which is also terrible for the environment. Here are five ways the world is recycling tires to protect the environment and give them new purpose.

1. Repurposing

People who repurpose tires usually do so at the individual level, because the tires are turned into something that they specifically need. For example, they can be used as archery targets, or to help a quarterback improve his throwing accuracy. They are attached as bumpers on ships and recreational vehicles alike. They also fulfill the requirements of the many “do-it-yourselfers” who take the tires and come up furniture, jewelry, wallets, purses and tons of other creative inventions.

2. Asphalt

Many tires are disassembled and ground up into something known as “crumb rubber” which is an integral ingredient in the production of asphalt. Ironically you might end up driving on stuff made out of your old tires.

3. Rubber mulch

Rubber mulch has redefined the landscaping industry. While wood mulch can be appealing at first, many people have adopted rubber mulch in their yards and playgrounds for many good reasons. Rubber mulch is harder to catch on fire, it is heavier than wood mulch and less likely to blow away in the wind and when it gets wet, rubber mulch is much less likely to float away. Not to mention it won’t cost you an arm and a leg every single year to re-mulch because it doesn’t break down.

4. Energy Efficient Homes

One of the more innovative ways tires are being used is in home construction. When stacked and interlocked with each other and filled with dirt, tires can actually form a very strong foundation that is less abrasive to environment than other standard construction materials. They also provide insulation, lowering heating and cooling costs for homeowners.

5. Water Tanks

At Western Tire Recyclers in Utah, we specialize in OTR (off the road) tire recycling. One of the things we do with OTR tires is make water tanks. These tanks range from smaller end tanks to larger ones depending on your needs. Because they are made from tires, they won’t rust, they handle heat and cold just fine, and are unbelievably dependable. Not to mention they will also last you a lifetime.

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