Five Common Recycled Tire Creations

April 13, 2014 | Recycling

Here at Western Tire Recyclers we handle the dirty work of your OTR recycling in Utah. We take the old, worn down tires, and turn them into rubber mulch that can then be used in a multitude of ways. However, after we recycle them what else are these tires turned into besides dependable water tanks?

1. Rubberized Asphalt

Rubberized asphalt is the biggest market for ground rubber and via the EPA we know that it uses an estimated 12 million tires a year! Rubberized asphalt is made by mixing regular asphalt with ground tire rubber to change the road’s characteristics. The benefits of rubberized asphalt are numerous including; longer lasting roads, reduction of maintenance costs, and lower road noise.

2. Ground Rubber Mulch Under Playground Equipment

Rubber is effective in playgrounds because of its ability to absorb high amounts of impact. This makes the playgrounds a bit safer (maybe I wouldn’t have broken my arm if tires had been recycled more here in UT!).

3. Running Track Material

Has anyone ran on a new rubber track? It feels extraordinary.

4. Sports and Playing Fields

Ground rubber can be used one of two ways for sports and playing fields. The first is where the ground rubber is used to make a dirt-like substance on dirt fields. The second is where ground rubber is mixed in below surface level to provide the field with rubberized qualities.

5. Floor Surfaces

The last of the main things tires are made into is rubber flooring. For many years it has been a staple in commercial and educational buildings, however, now with the ability to make it in different colors and styles it is expanding into the housing market. Who knows? Maybe your next floor will be made out of rubber.

We hope you enjoyed learning where your OTR recycled tires from Utah are going!

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