How Tires are Made

November 15, 2014 | Tires

Have you ever thought about how your tires were made? Tires are important to individuals and companies for production and safety. When we step into a vehicle we literally have our lives riding on the dependability of the vehicle’s tires. At Western Tire Recyclers we are experts about the end of the life of a tire and how they can be used for dependable tire water tanks. However, what about the beginning of the tire lifecycle? You may be surprised and relieved to learn that great time and care go in to making dependable tires both for passenger car tires and agricultural OTR tires.

The steps to the tire making process can be broken down as follows:

Materials and Components

The main component in tires is rubber. This may not come as a surprise, but what may be surprising is that rubber comes from trees. Rubber trees are grown in Malaysia and are harvested for the latex which in turn is turned into rubber and sent to various manufacturing plants.

Tire Components

  • Bead Wire
  • Rubber Coating
  • Calendering
  • Extruding

Tire Building

This step is when plies are layered to make up the internal layers of the tire and also the external layer where treads will be molded.


Vulcanization is when the tire is heated to be molded into its final shape.

Finishing and Final Inspection

The last stage tires are trimmed and inspected for surface defects and internal inspects. X-rays inspect tires with steel cords inside them to make sure the have no flaws.

View the video above to learn more in depth about the fascinating tire making process. As always, when the lifecycle of your tires seems to be at the end, remember your dependable OTR recycling of Utah, Western Tire Recycling.

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