The Benefits of Rubber Mulch

November 30, 2015 | Recycling

At Western Tire Recyclers we specialize in turning old off the road (OTR) tires into something new and usable again. Our services help to keep the rubber out of landfills and also keep the price of rubber products low for customers, as recycled rubber is much less expensive than new rubber. Our services focus on creating two main products: rubber water tanks and rubber mulch. In this post we wanted to focus on some of the benefits of two common ways rubber mulch is used around your home and community.

Replace wood chips in your flower beds

Rubber mulch has been growing in popularity as a way to keep weeds down in flower beds. It lasts longer than wood chips – anywhere from 10 -15 years. As rubber mulch is also heavier, it won’t blow or wash away in storms, and stays in place well. Water can easily pass through the mulch, while the mulch also helps to keep it in the ground by protecting the ground from drying out in the sun. It comes in many colors such as green, red, and black, and the color will last almost as long as the mulch! Not only does it look good, rubber mulch also doesn’t attract bugs – an added bonus!

Use as ground cover for a playground

While many people use sand or wood chips as ground cover in playgrounds, rubber mulch can do much more than simply cover the ground. Rubber mulch is soft and springy, helping to protect children from falls, as well as adding a little bit of extra fun to a playground. No more slivers or dusty clothes from running around a playground!

While we don’t sell rubber mulch directly to consumers, we do take care of the dirty work of shredding tires and then transporting the mulch to distributors who sell it. We specialize in recycling mining tires, so if you have a large quantity of used OTR tires to get rid of, let us know and we’ll help you to dispose of them properly.

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