Tips For Green Summer Living

May 6, 2014 | Recycling

As an OTR tire recycling company in Utah we support green living, and keeping the environment safe. It is important to take steps so that we are not destroying the beautiful locations that we live in. Today, we are going to give you some tips to make this summer especially green friendly, focusing on water and air conditioner use.

Tips for Saving Water

Have you heard the term that over 70% of the earth’s surface is water, but only 1% of that is drinkable? Well, that’s a pretty important statistic to know. Especially in the summer while water is used to water lawns and gardens keep these tips in mind to save water.

  1. Water early in the morning to save water from evaporating due to heat.
  2. Adjust your lawn mower to cut higher. Grass that is longer is able to retain water better.
  3. Install a drip system in your garden. A drip irrigation system is much more efficient in watering your garden than sprinklers ever will be.

Air Conditioner

Not surprisingly, air conditioning accounts for a large amount of America’s home electricity use. And that electricity is not always made using the most eco-friendly ways.

  1. Avoid overcooling your home by making sure that your thermostat is set correctly. A little problem can make a big difference.
  2. Make sure that you own an energy efficient air conditioner and you keep it well-maintained and up-to-date.
  3. Install a house ventilating fan. Rather than turning on the air conditioner, install a house ventilating fan which will take the hot air from your home and push it out of the house.

As the creators of the dependable tire water tanks in Utah, we hope that you have an enjoyable summer this year!

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