Tire Pollution is a Big Problem Today

May 30, 2012 | Pollution

Tire Pollution

Tires have helped us travel from place to place for hundreds of years. Without them, life would be a lot more difficult. But once we wear those tires out, what do we do with them? Are we turning them in to proper recycling centers or dumping them on the side of the road?

According to Green Living Tips, “In the USA, about 300 million tires are scrapped or dumped per year.” Wherever you live on this Earth, you’ll see tire pollution. Scrap tires are everywhere; on the side of the road, in ponds and lakes, in the woods, and even in our oceans. Tire pollution not only looks unappealing but destroys the environment and puts our health at risk.

What Can We do About It?

There are many ways to put scrap tires to use without hurting the environment. For example, Western Tire Recyclers takes waste tires and transforms them into rubber mulch for playgrounds and tire water tanks for livestock. We keep tires out of landfills and polluting waterways.

Before you start dumping your tires, think about the harm you’re about to cause. It takes very little effort to give us a call so we can put those scrap tires to use.

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