Coca-Cola Recycling Campaign

July 15, 2014 | News, Pollution, Recycling

Here at Western Tire Recyclers we encourage and support green living and recycling. We especially pride ourselves in the ability to create dependable tire water tanks in Utah. But right now we aren’t going to talk about our company or services. We want to spotlight a company that has gone to great lengths to create a successful recycling campaign around the world. Coca-Cola launched a recycling campaign a couple of months ago that cultivates the reuse of their beverage bottles. Here is a video explaining how to give a second life to a Coca-Cola bottle.

Plastic causes so much harm to not only our planet, but also to the beautiful animals and plants that live on it. And Coke has found a way to reduce plastic waste, while bringing a smile to people’s faces. The company has given 40,000 of these modified caps away for free in Vietnam to reduce their plastic waste.

While this campaign didn’t take place in Utah, we hope that this can inspire you to recycle more in your day to day life. One easy recycling project is to recycle your old tires. Visit our website to learn more about how to recycle tires!

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