OTR Tire Recycling Services

Scrap tires can be a liability to the environment. Whether from consumer vehicles or construction equipment, the durable rubber found in tires are designed to last for years. These products take up to 100,000 years to decompose completely. The best way to ensure they do not contaminate precious water sources or other natural resources is to recycle them and put them to use. At Western Recycling, we have created a facility specifically designed rid the environment of these scrap tires. Instead of getting illegally dumped, they are recycled into various byproduct uses. Recovered rubber is less expensive than virgin rubber, creating a cost efficient product for consumers.

Tire Recycling for the Mining Industry

We serve some of the largest mines in North America with full service, certified mining tire recycling. We understand the needs of global mining companies and strive to meet those needs. We take tire recycling very seriously and take the time to handle your tires in a safe, efficient, and sustainable manner.

Giving New Life to Old Tires

Western Tire Recyclers is the leader in off the road tire recycling in Utah and throughout the intermountain West. From bulldozers to trucks, we handle all sizes and quantities of OTR tires. With Western Tire Recyclers, you won’t have to do the dirty work.

Our team shreds, mulches and transports the tire scraps to various resellers in the Tremonton, Utah area and beyond. From there, our recycled tires will end up with the end consumer to be used on farms, playgrounds and more. We can help with all aspects of your tire recycling needs, including distribution and pile clean up. If you are in need of disposing large quantities of tires, any size, please contact us at 435-730-1872 or email us.