What are Tire Recycling and Used Tire Disposal Really All About?

October 24, 2016 | Recycling, Tires

tire recycling

All tires have a lifespan and will eventually need to be replaced due to wear and tear from usage or irreparable damages such as punctures. And with all the personal, commercial and OTR (off the road) tires in use on any given day, not to mention the size of many of these tires, when they do wear out Western Tire Recyclers is here to provide used tire disposal. If you’re curious about why there’s a need for used tire disposal or what happens with them during and after the recycling, then this post is for you!

The need for proper used tire disposal and recycling becomes apparent when you begin to understand why they are one of the most troubling sources of waste, given their huge quantity of production, their relative toughness and durability and the fact that they contain several components that present environmental concerns. Tires are not biodegradable, and their durability can make rubber tires take up to 100,000 years to decompose. However, it is this same durability that makes them attractive for recycling, as they can be reused into useful products without impacting the environment by leaching heavy metals and taking up landfill space with their bulk. So the ideal way to make sure that used tires are disposed of properly is to recycle them and turn them in to something else useful so there is no impact to ground water sources or other valuable natural resources.

Looking for the right place for used tire disposal? Contact Western Tire Recyclers!

Our used tire disposal experts will shred your tires, mulch them and then transport them to various resellers who will then turn them in to new products for uses on farms, playgrounds and more. We work closely with the mining industry to handle their tires with maximum cost efficiency and in a sustainable manner. We do everything for you. We are the leader in used tire disposal in Utah and the Intermountain West. From the smallest hatchback’s tires to the largest OTR on bulldozers and trucks, Western Tire Recyclers is your go to for easy and efficient used tire disposal in Utah and beyond!

What Kind of Used Tire Disposal Services Does Western Tire Recyclers Offer?

The biggest asset of used tire disposal is our ability to minimize environmental impact while reusing and repurposing materials into once-again useful products. Ecotoxicity is a concern, as studies show zinc, heavy metals and rubber chemicals can leach from tires into water sources when placed on wet soils. Studies show that very little leaching occurs with recycled tires, so our repurposed tires create safe products for use in areas as varied as playgrounds to farms, while reducing environmental impact and creating sustainability.

At Western Tire Recyclers, we use state of the art equipment with our primary focus being OTR tires, primarily in the construction, agriculture and mining industries to provide environmentally friendly used tire disposal. We can help you with all aspects of your tire disposal needs, including distribution and pile clean up. If you are in need of disposing of large quantities of tires of any size, please contact us at 435-730-1872 or email us today!

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