History of Giant Rubber Water Tanks

December 13, 2011 | Tire Water Tanks

Rubber Water Tanks

Who came up with the idea?

Giant rubber water tanks were invented by a frustrated Wyoming rancher in the early 1980’s. He fought with the replacement costs and inconvenient demise of several traditional water troughs on his ranch. While he was on the lookout for a better alternative, he took a coal mine tour.

He was impressed with the large truck tires he saw used in the mine. He saw that if a person could remove a sidewall from a used tire, they would basically have an indestructible water trough. The light bulb came on for him.

Working a deal out with the mine he visited, he acquired a large scrap tire. He then spent many long days and restless nights trying to find some way to remove the top of the tire. Once he figured that part out, he then built a machine that could efficiently cut the tire. The rancher had effectively solved his expensive and time consuming problem with the invention of the giant rubber water tank, saving unnecessary work and money spent for so many of us today.

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