FAQs About Tire Water Storage Tanks

April 15, 2017 | Recycling, Tire Water Tanks

As you can probably infer from our name, we at Western Tire Recyclers specialize in converting old tires into reusable material. Our emphasis is off-the-road (OTR) tires, which are designed to sustain massive amounts of weight. These are typically used on mining trucks and other large equipment vehicles. One of our primary recycling services is to turn these scrap tires into large water storage tanks. Because many individuals are unfamiliar with this process and product, we have provided answers to some of the common questions about this topic.

What is a tire water storage tank?

A tire water storage tank is exactly what it sounds like! It is a container made from a tire that is used for storing water. These tanks range in size, depending on how large the tire is from which they are made, but are typically somewhere between 5 to 13 feet in diameter and can hold from 200-1800 gallons.

What are they used for?

Tire water storage tanks are primarily used on ranches and farms as troughs for livestock.

Are they safe for animals?

Yes, they are! In fact, these tanks are approved by the US Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resource Conservation Service in nearly every state.

How are they made?

Tire water storage tanks are made from tires of mining trucks and other large equipment vehicles. The sidewall of the tire is removed to make the actual trough, which can then be installed permanently or used portably. These troughs are placed over installed plumbing, which is then used to fill the tank with water. There are many great online resources that explain exactly how to install a tire water storage tank.

What are the benefits?

Tire water storage tanks are a popular option for many reasons. Thanks to their durability, tire tanks will outlast freezing water, fighting bulls, and farming machinery. They are even bullet-proof! This is unlike tanks made of other materials, which can easily be damaged, destroyed or corroded. Yet, tire tanks are similar in cost and have a lifetime warranty, making them cost efficient and hassle-free.

Another benefit of tire tanks is that they stay better insulated than other tanks, keeping water cooler in the summers and warm enough in the winters to reduce the likelihood of freezing. They also make great feeders, keep natural bodies of water clean and repurpose tires in an environmentally friendly way.

Where did the idea come from?

In the early 1980s, a Wyoming rancher named Gerald Mahoney became frustrated with the untimely failures of traditional water troughs on his ranch. The replacement costs were also an irritant. As he was on the lookout for a suitable alternative, Mahoney took a coal mine tour and concluded that a large mining truck tire could be used as a trough if the sidewall was removed. Working with the mine, he obtained a scrap tire and spent several days working to remove the top. Mahoney ultimately built a machine that could cut the tire and then began making water tanks for himself and his neighbors. This ingenious idea caught on with others, causing tire water tanks to become a common product among ranchers and farmers.

How much do they cost?

The cost of a tire water storage tank depends on the size of the tire! For an estimate, please visit the Western Tire Tanks site and fill out the form.

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