5 Tips to a Greener 2014

January 15, 2014 | Pollution, Recycling

It’s true, most people are looking to improve themselves when the new year comes around. But you can do a lot to improve yourself as you make your lifestyle more eco-friendly. As you improve your eco-footprint, you will most definitely be improving your health and finances, also. So don’t waste another minute! Get started on these green tips for 2014:

1. Buy local! Whenever and wherever possible, buy local foods (produce stands, local bakeries, etc.). You will be helping support your local community while improving your health and the environment!

2. Drink from the tap! Sure, water bottles are convenient, but they are also expensive and destructive to the environment. Drinking from the tap (or a reusable filter if you prefer the taste) will save you money and will improve your personal effect on the environment.

3. Reuse, reuse, reuse! You don’t need to throw away those Ziplock bags every time you use them! It might take a tiny bit more effort, but reusing household products will help you live a greener life. As you start re-using these products you will see the savings stock up!

4. Put a recycling can/box right next to your garbage can. Most people don’t recycle because it takes just a little more effort. When they are faced with the decision to put the milk carton in the trash can or the recycling container, it’s always just a little bit easier to put it in the trash can because it’s closer. You can change this whole problem by just putting a recycling can/box right next to your garbage can. The decision just became much easier.

5. Get walking! Start considering walking as an alternative transportation method. Some towns and cities aren’t built well for people who want to walk, but almost everyone has a store or a friend’s house they can walk to. So make a goal to start walking somewhere, even just once a week! You’ll improve your health, your budget, and your eco-footprint.

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