Why Tire Chips are Great for Landscaping

June 16, 2015 | Recycling

Here at Western Tire Recyclers we produce rubber tire chips from our recycled tires. One great use for these tire chips is for mulch to use in landscaping. Check out these reasons why rubber mulch is a great alternative.


Rubber mulch can be dyed to any color. The possibilities are endless! You can customize your yard with any type of color your heart desires.

Longer Life Span

Regular gardening mulch decomposes and loses its color. This means that regular garden mulch has to be replaced on a regular basis. Rubber mulch keeps it shape and color for years. It also heavier and less likely to blow away in the wind. Experts say that rubber mulch can last 10 plus years.

Keeps in Moisture

Rubber mulch blocks the sunlight from penetrating the soil. This prevents any moisture from evaporating. It also prevents the soil from overheating.

Prevents Bugs

Wood mulch can attract termites or carpenter ants. Rubber mulch will not attract these bugs and will protect your plants from them.

As you can see, rubber mulch has great benefits. We enjoy producing a product that can keep our landfills free from tires.

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